Commissioned by: Jason Noble and the Scarsdale High School Wind Ensemble
World Premiere: February 18, 2017 at Deakin Edge in Melbourne, Australia


Someone, I wish I could remember who, once told me that “every time you leave the house lies an opportunity to be inspired.” From that point on, I feel most invigorated by being out, anywhere really, wandering around and discovering something interesting and beautiful about whatever is around. Much of my music reflects an appreciation for the beauty and meaning held within the seemingly insignificant minutiae that compose the magic of everyday life and, in terms of musical inspiration, Wanderlust comes from this place.

In regard to the instrumentation, the wind ensemble remains one of the most profoundly influential aspects of my musical background. It is through my high school band that I found my way into composing, it is also through band that I developed my self-confidence and leadership skills as a teacher, and it is also how I have been able to travel the world and see places I might have only dreamed of. It was on a world tour with the University of Texas Wind Ensemble that I decided to write Wanderlust, imagining that it would be a love-letter to the band genre, synthesizing the magic of wind ensemble, travel, discovery, and adventure through a colorful work that flows and morphs in a continuous gesture from start to finish. You are likely sitting where you are reading this program note for many of the same reasons why I love wind ensemble music, and it is my hope that Wanderlust illustrates my own expression of this excitement.

Recording & Score